Mathura Vrindavan Language and Culture

Barsana, originally known as Brahmasarin, the holy birthplace of Lord Krishna’s beloved Shri Radha Rani. Barsana is the most fascinated place where every nook and corner of the city tells you the childhood lilas of Shri Radha Rani. Dotted with love temples of Radha and Krishna, this is one of the most divine and favourite tourist attraction sites. If you ever find yourself in Barsana, here is the list of the most loved places and temples to visit in Barsana.

Braj Bhasha

Hindi is the native language of the people of Mathura Vrindavan, but apart from it a western dialect of Hindi, Braj Bhasha language is also spoken by the people of this area. Mathura being close to Haryana and Punjab, Haryanvi and Punjabi are also very common among the local people.


Charkula is a dramatic folk dance, mostly performed on the eve of Holi festival. Here a woman balances small earthen lamps, placed on a wooden plank on her head, the number of lamps can go up to 108 at times, yet she maintains a swift and graceful movement.


The dance form originated from the belief that Lord Krishna danced with Gopis on the bank of Yamuna. It is the dance form of Krishna’s childhood.


Sanjhee is an art form practiced with bright and colorful flowers. It is basically the art of hand cutting or stencil cutting design on paper generally depicts tales of Radha and Krishna.


It is a custom performed during Holi festival. Women pour buckets of coloured water on men and the men are also thrashed with whips made of cloth, which had been torn apart from their own clothing.

Lath Mar in Mathura

This is the local celebration of Holi originated with the belief that Krishna used to go from Nandgaon to Barsana where Radha lived and play Holi with the Gopis of Barsana.

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