Places and Temples to Visit in Barsana

Barsana, originally known as Brahmasarin, the holy birthplace of Lord Krishna’s beloved Shri Radha Rani. Barsana is the most fascinated place where every nook and corner of the city tells you the childhood lilas of Shri Radha Rani. Dotted with love temples of Radha and Krishna, this is one of the most divine and favourite tourist attraction sites. If you ever find yourself in Barsana, here is the list of the most loved places and temples to visit in Barsana.

Shriji Temple

The temple was originally established by Vajranabh about 5000 years ago. The god resides inside the temple is the deity of Shriji, also known as Ladli Lal.

Maan Mandir

This is believed to be the place where Radha would go into seclusion when annoyed by Krishna and the latter used to plead and cry to pacify her. Within the temple, there is a small tunnel leading to a dark chamber which is said to be the place where Radha would hide herself.

Mor Kutir

This is believed to be the place where Krishna and Radha danced in the form of peacock and peahen..

Krishna Kund or Radha Sarobar

It is said to be the pond situated at the center of the forests and caves where Radha along with her friends used to take bathe and Krishna used to hide their clothes in order to tease them. It is also said to be the place where Krishna and Radha used to play water sports.

Sankari KhorKhor

It is a very narrow passageway at the junction of the Vishnu hill and Brahma Hill. A popular tale says that Krishna and cowherd boys used to dress up as tax collectors and block the way of Radharani and her friends and would ask for yogurt, butter, and ghee to let them pass through Sankari Khor.