Nidhi Van Vrindavan


Brijdarshan will take you to the mystical and mysterious journey to Nidhivan which is the abode of God and is located in Vrindavan, Mathura district. Blessed by Lord Krishna himself, this place has a spiritual aura which fills one with devotion and free from the worries of life. It is believed that till date Lord Krishna comes to Nidhivan along with his divine consort and Gopis to perform Raas Leela. Nidhivan which is also known as Madhuban attracts many tourists who want to feel the presence of the Deity come to this sacred place every day

The Divine Saga :

Nidhivan is the place where Lord Krishna blessed Swami Haridas Ji with his appearance. The divine Saint meditated in Nidhivan and pleased Thakur Ji with his devotional songs and music. It is said that Swami Ji’s spiritual aspiration empowered him with divinity which enabled him to see Shri Radha Krishna in his dreams. But the Saint’s dedication, devotion and spiritual penance moved the supreme power so much that Priya-Priyatam appeared in front of Swami Ji. The spot where the deity blessed him is where Banke Bihari temple of Nidhivan has been built and is also known as Prakatyasthal. The hallowed land of Nidhivan is also believed to be blessed by the auspicious presence of Shri Radha Krishna who perform Raas-Leela every night from thousands of year. All the trees in Nidhivan take forms of Gopis and come alive during the night and perform Raasleela with the divine couple. This is the reason temple gets closed after the evening Aarti and nobody is allowed to enter the shrine after it gets dark. It is believed that those who dare to go inside the periphery of the temple in the night are either found dead in morning or lose their consciousness and become deaf/ dumb/ blind. As mortals witnessing the supreme Lord Krishna with divine consort and gopis is beyond their ability the entrance is therefore prohibited and all the windows are closed. Outside the boundaries of Nidhivan, the sound of ghunghroos can be heard and there are many natives who have had this blissful opportunity of hearing and feeling the presence of Lord Krishna, Goddess Radha and divine Gopis.

Attractions in Nidhivan

Nidhivan is close to Leeladhar Krishna’s heart and some iconic spots which are inspiring and worth seeing are: • Banke Bihari Temple • Samadhi of Swami Haridas • Bansi Chor Radha Rani Temple • Holy Well of Radha Rani • Lalitha Kund • Rang Mahal • Shahji temple • Gita Mandir • Kalki Mandir

Unique and Mystifying facts about Nidhivan

The presence of Shri Radha Krishna along with beloved Gopis every night is proved by the used Daatuns, chewed paan and half consumed offerings which the temple priests keep in the room of Shri Radha Krishna. Also, the bed which is set by the priests after the evening Aarti by morning seems like it has been used by the almighty and his divine consort. Nidhivan’s green and twisted trees will astound you with their sight as the roots, branches and trunk of these trees are hollow and still, the trees are green and full of vigor all year round. Also, all the trees which are deemed to be gopis, are of the same size and entwined with each other symbolizing the love among themselves. Adding to more mystery is the fact that there are no nests of bird or insects on the trees. Nidhivan is full of monkeys and birds but after the sunsets, all the monkey and birds leave the boundaries of the holy premises.

Timings :

Mortals cannot bear the divine presence of Lord Krishna doing Raas Leela with Gopis so Brijdarshan suggests the devotees to follow the timeline mentioned below:

Gates are open
Summers 5:00 am 8:00 pm
Winters 6: 00 am 7:00 pm

For visiting and reaching the Nidhi Van Temple contact Brijdarshan.

Reaching the blessed land

Nidhivan sits enclosed in the center of Vrindavan and is approximately 12 Km from Mathura City. Brijdarshan facilitates you with comfortable commutation options to reach this holy place and connect spiritually with Shri Radha Krishna.

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