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Barsana, the heavenly place where Sri Radha Rani radiates its shine and magnificence with its hues on celebrations and imprints the birth of Sri Krishna's cherished.
Barsana, also known as Brahmasarin the most charming place where each corner is wonderfully mixed with adolescence lilas of Sri Radha Rani, the girl child of Sri Vrishbhanu and Mata Kirti. This delightful place is situated 124 km from Delhi and 58.9 km from Vrindavan. It lies 21km north of Goverdhan on the slope of a ridge. It is all around encompassed by hills from all the four sides portraying the four-headed Brahma and observes the Divine sanctuary of Ladliji at its peak as the delegated greatness.
Lathmar Holi is the most celebrated occasion for which Barsana is outstanding on the planet. Other than this, the sanctuaries of Barsana are likewise among the fascinating divine places to explore with the most enchanting historic significance.
Around 40 km northwest from Mathura is a beautiful, enchanting and a very popular pilgrimage site for the Vaishnav sect called Barsana. Once the playground of the ever charming and beautiful goddess Radha, the eternal consort of Lord Krishna, today Barsana is mainly flocked for its ancient temples, divine lakes dazzling in the playful stories of childhood love as depicted by Radha-Krishna.

The village is ensconced in two hills?Brahma and the Vishnu Hill?that rise adjacent to each other. Numerous temples dating many centuries back lay scattered on the 4 peaks of the hills, draping the entire landscape of the town in a divine charisma that is as alluring as it is fascinating. One of the most famous and a must-visit temple among all these temples is the Ladliji Mandir or the Shriji Temple atop the Bhangarh peak dedicated to the deity Shriji or Ladliji (Goddess Radha or The Beloved One) which was enshrined by Vajranabh almost 5000 years ago. Magnificently ornate with curvaceous arches, lofty domes and evocative pictures of Radha-Krishna, the temple resonates in a soulful spiritual vibe all-round the year gaining further momentum during festivals like Radhashtami and Holi, which is a celebration unique in style and tradition to this particular region.
Take a tour to some of the famous temples in Barsana

Shriji Temple

Shriji, an adored name for Radha, the daughter of this land and cozy companion to Krishna.
On the highest point of the Bhanugarh peak, there is an extraordinarily superb and extravagant structure committed to Shriji or Radharani. This sanctuary is said to have been really settled by lord Vajranabh 5000 years back. The first old sanctuary was raised by Raja Bir Singh in 1675.
Later Narayan Bhatt, one of the devotees of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu uncovered the lost divinities in the adjacent place and introduced them here in this sanctuary. Afterward, Narayan Bhatt with the assistance of Raja Todarmal, one of the governors in the Akbar's court assembled an immense sanctuary at the place remembering the Gods. This sublime royal residence like architecture made up of red sandstone and enhanced with mind-boggling hand carvings, delightful curves, vaults and flawless works of art on its inward dividers and roofs introduces an outstanding gem as the reminiscent of the Mughal period. Ladli implies the adored girl and Lal implies the dearest child along these lines the sanctuary cherished with the divinities of Lord Krishna and Radha is otherwise called Ladli lal Temple.

Radha Kushalbihari Temple

Radha Kushalbihari Temple is situated close to Shriji temple. It was built by a King from Rajasthan. He was a great devotee of Radharani and with a desire to commemorate her deity in the little place of worship of Radharani sanctuary, he chose to assemble a colossal and radiant sanctuary. This sanctuary developed of red sandstone and adorned with mind-boggling hand cut curves and wonderfully engraved depictions both outside and inside the sanctuary supplements its rich design.
It looks more like a royal residence than a temple. Lord spent a tremendous riches on raising this castle-like sanctuary for Sri Radharani.

Dan Bihari Temple

As the name proposes, Dan-Bihari, Dan stands for giving and donates and Bihari stands for Krishna, the sanctuary has a great story related with Dan.
Once a poor Brahmin couldn't orchestrate the cash for her little girl's marriage and recalled Krishna in misery. Shree Krishna orchestrated the gold identical to the heaviness of Radha and donated it to the poor Brahmin.

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