Visiting Places In Brij

An ancient city with a golden past, Mathura has a long history and tradition associated with the life of Shree Lord Krishna 8TH Avatar of Lord Vishnu and a much-loved god of the Hindus.

Vrindavan is just a few miles away from Mathura, built on the forest where lord Krishna spent his youthful days in the company of cattle’s, maidens, and cowherds.

Around 40 km northwest from Mathura is a beautiful, enchanting and a very popular pilgrimage site for the Vaishnav sect called Barsana. Once the playground of the ever charming and beautiful goddess

Placed at a distance of 23 km to the west of Mathura, Govardhan hill is associated with lord Krishna. Legend has it that lord Krishna saved the people of Braj from torrential rain by lifting

Located 16 kms from Mathura, Gokul is a quaint town offering fascinating mythological stories from Lord Krishna's childhood resplendent in its glorious places, structures, temples and elements.

Nandgaon is located about 8.5 km to the north of Barsana. Nandgaon is located about 50 Kms on the north west of Mathura. This place is named after Krishna’s foster father Nand ji and mother Yashoda

Located about 25 kilometers from the city of Mathura, there is a small town known as Baldev which originates its name from the famous temple of Baldev or Dauji (elder brother)

Raval is known for its spiritual sanctity due to its association with the divine goddess Sri Radharani. It is actually the birth place of Sri Radharani. Formerly the village was known as Mukharvali.

According to the Hindu epic Varaha Puran, the entire Braj Mandal is described as 20 yojans. Thus taking one yojan as 7 miles, 20 yojans would be nearly equal to 84 Kos,