Brij Kee Holi

Overview of the Festival

Holi is a festival of color, happiness and excitement. It is celebrated with great zeal by the people of India but atypical to the whole country, Brij has its own flair and here Holi is still celebrated in same chronicles as by the Murli Manohar himself. Brij, the homeland of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha, renders the unique vibe of spirituality and peace. Brij has great importance in Hindu mythology and Kanha ji has blessed the place with his various blissful leelas. In the area, lies Vrindavan where Lord Krishna grew up, Nandgaon which was the place where he resides and Barsana which was the village of Goddess Radha Rani. The Brij Holi starts in Brij with Phalgun Amavasya and the festival reaches the pinnacle point with gusto and happiness during Ekadashi. Other parts of the country usually have official holidays for a day or two, but in Brajbhoomi there is eight days off for the celebration and Brij ki Holi is celebrated on the whole for 50 days.
So, let Brijdarshan aid you in being the part of this heavenly festival of Lord Krishna entwining you with the trends set by the God himself.

The Divine Tale

“Yashomati maiya se bole nand lala radha kyun gori main kyun kala.” Brij ki Holi is believed to have emerged from this very thought of Lord Krishna when he asked his mother Yashoda that why is he having the dark complexion and why his beloved Radha is having the fair complexion. After which, Shyam Sundar Kanha along with his friends from Nandgaon headed straight to Barsana to color Radhika in his own color. Goddess Radha along with other Gopis in response to the abeer and gulal chased away Nandagopala and his friends beating them playfully with long bamboo sticks.

The Zeal Continues

Brijdarshan is ready to enlace you with most exciting and blissful holi of India, Brij ki Holi. If you want to get the picture of how Lord Krishna teased and colored her beloved Radha and how the Goddess saved herself, then Brajboomi is calling you.

The people of Brajbhoomi believe themselves as the offspring of Lord Krishna and paying homage to him the men from Nandgaon embellish themselves as Kanha ji and go to Barsana village to color the women there and dressing like Gopika Radha they beat men with bamboo sticks. Also, Men from Nandagow make a full attempt to reach Shri Radhikaji's temple in Barsana while women stop them with wooden sticks to which they don’t retaliate but make an attempt to escape. Those who get captured by women are dressed in female attires and made to dance following the customs. This holi is called Lathmar Holi which is enlaced with devotional songs, different forms of dances portraying the divine love of Radha and Krishna, colors of happiness and shower of flower soaked water. The festivity doesn’t end here, it thereafter moves to Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan and after that to Mathura Dwarkadheesh temple. The excitement continues even after Holi is over in rest of the nation. In Dauji, Huranga is celebrated where Men soak their women in color and females tear the clothes of males to resist.


The epitome of love, happiness and devotion is what Brij ki holi truly depicts and to ravel you with the faith of Brajbhoomi, Brijdarshan is always quick on uptake. You can easily reach Barsana via buses, rented cars and taxis from Mathura which is 45 Km from the city. Mathura can be directly be reached by train or buses. In this festival, Brajbhoomi will even entice you with flavorsome dishes like Thandai, Lauki barfi and sweet rice.

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