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The heavenly Brajbhoomi mesmerizes the devotees with the true reflection of God. The epic of the divine love of Shree Krishna and Shrimati Radha Rani is apprised by every alley and boulevard of this celestial land. The holy Brajbhoomi is divided by river Yamuna into two parts. The eastern part intertwines hallowed places viz. like Baldeo, Mahavan, Gokul, Mat, Mansarovar and Bhandirvan while the western part includes Mathura, Vrindavan, Barsana, Nangaon, Nand Ghat, Giriraj Hills, Kusum Sarovar, Govardhan and Kokilavan. All these places have the aura of Lord Krishna as he spent his childhood here. In fact, the sentience of Murli Manohar can be felt here as you enter this revered land.

Brijdarshan deems to empower you to grow in your faith for Shree Radha Krishna and be enchanted with the divine love. Coming to Brij is like landing to the cradle of God and be it Mathura the birthplace of Shree Krishna or Vrindavan where he took his cows for gazing or Nangaon where he lived or Barsana the native land of Radha or other places of Brij where Kanha Ji spent his childhood days and did many endeavors to save the life of Brijwasis, the mist of spirituality can be felt everywhere.

Lord Krishna’s eternally loved land Brajbhoomi lies in the golden triangle between Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Detailing it a bit, this blissful place starts from Kotvan which 95 km away from Delhi and stretches till Runkta which is famous for its connection with Surdas who was the close friend of Lord Krishna and his poems in Braj language. There is unique mystic energy in this area which hails millions of devotees to Mathura from all around the world. This holy city is amongst the seven cities of India which can offer you moksh and this is the reason many disciples of Shri Radha Krishna stay here till they are alive. Banke Bihari Kanha Ji has given many reasons to celebrate life and it is truly reflected here with nine months long festivals which are celebrated back to back. So you may go to different religious places all around the globe but nothing can match the vibrancy of Mathura and environs. The temples and ghats are always overwhelmed by the pilgrims, singing the enthralling bhajans of Shree Radha Krishna which make the air even more hypnotizing. Yamuna bank on which the Mathura city resides has its own magic and offers a treat for eyes and soul.

Apart from all the mythological sites in Brajbhoomi, there are various leela sthalis all over the land. You just have to behold the spiritual essence which Lord Krishna has been pampering the Brajbhoomi with. For that devotion, faith and love for Supreme power, Radha and Krishna should be in your hearts. We at Brijdarshan believe that when you think to come into the arms of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha, petty issues like conveyance, accommodation and other similar constraints should not bother you. We consider soaking all your stress and enrich your captivating experience of visiting this blessed land. As you enter Brij we open the door for all the services which you may require, viz. conveyance facility in your choice of vehicle, Accommodation in luxury hotel/ Guest House/ Lodge, Brij food and sweets, Guided tour to temples and aid you with your Pooja requirements.

Have you seen how pigeons make their nests bringing twigs from remote areas, likewise, when you try to nest in the arms of Shri Radha Krishna, Brijdarshan, like the pigeons lend a hand to you so that your spiritual journey in Brij is not hassled by any inconveniences.

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