Places and Temples to visit in Mathura


An ancient city with a golden past, Mathura has a long history and tradition associated with the life of Shree Lord Krishna 8TH Avatar of Lord Vishnu and a much-loved god of the Hindus. Dotted with myriad big and small temples in every nook and corner, this town is major crowd-pullers and attract number of history buffs, holidaymakers and pilgrims. The birthplace of the Hindu God Krishna, Mathura is a blessed land, located on the banks of river Yamuna. The stretch of the sacred Yamuna River is lined with 25 Ghats, best seen at dawn, when many people take their holy dip, and just after sunset, hundreds of candles are sent floating out onto the river during the evening ritual. Beholding many ancient temples in its boundaries, Mathura is one of the most visited places for pilgrims. Mathura, the sacred place that is known for Krishna the entire avatar of Narayan, is a prime sacred hub of Krishna devotees. Mathura is the stamped religious epicenter well known for Krishna and different sanctuaries. A portion of the conspicuous temples are recorded beneath: Some of the sacred temples to visit in Mathura are:

Shri Krishna Janmabhumi -

Among all Mathura temples, Krishna Janambhumi temple, based on the cell place of Mathura where Krishna is conceived is accepted to be the temple of pinnacle significance for each lover. It is accepted and found from unearthing at the place that there used to be a dugeon at where the sanctuary is fabricated. Numerous other conspicuous intimations discovered supporting the way that omnipotent Krishna was conceived here. Devaki, sister of Kansa and Vasudev her significant other were kept in prison as King Kans got a divine cautioning that he will be executed by the eighth offspring of Vasudev and Devaki. It is trusted that when Krishna was conceived, every one of the doors of prison got opened without anyone else's input and all gatekeepers were in a condition of obviousness so Vasudev can securely take all-powerful to the Nandgaon. Consistently on Janamashtmi, Mathura tourism encounter the swarm and fans in millions. This mural filled temple occupies the room believed to be the prison where Lord Shree Krishna was born some 3500 years ago. It is the main and most sacred Hindu temple for devotees.

Keshavdev Temple –

Keshav Dev Temple is quite old, arranged near main Krishna Janmabhoomi complex, the origination of Lord Krishna. Keshav Dev, which is one of the thousand names of Lord Krishna, is the god of this old sanctuary. Barely any years back, another Keshav Dev sanctuary has been worked inside the premises of Krishna Janmabhoomi because of which, the distinction of old Keshav Dev sanctuary is near elimination. It is believed that Idgah (mosque), neighboring main Krishna Janmabhoomi at the show, was once used to be Keshav Dev temple. Amid Muslim manage in 1669, Aurangzeb crushed this sanctuary and later assembled Idgah there.

Dwarkadhish Mandir –

Temple of Dwakadeesh in Mathura is another great temple which is committed to god Krishna. The temple was developed in the year 1814 by the treasurer of the Estate of Gwalior, Seth Gokul Das Parikh. It is situated close to the Yamuna Bank, adjacent to Vishram Ghat. Since Lord Krishna is also alluded to as 'Ruler of Dwarka', consequently the temple got its name. Master Krishna and Radha are the essential Gods in the fundamental holy place of the temple. The temple has works of art and carvings inside which give an ethereal look to the sanctuary. Guests from all finished visit the place particularly amid the celebration of Janmashtami. Built in 1814, DwarkaDheesh temple is the main temple of Mathura. Hundreds of devotees come here to celebrate the festivals associated with the life of lord Krishna (Janmashtmi, Holi, and Diwali). It has beautiful paintings all along the walls depicting the mystical life of lord Krishna.

Gita Temple (Birla Mandir) –

Gita Mandir in Mathura was built by Jugal Kishore Birla, the popular business group, the Birla group in memory of his loving parents. All the 18 sections of Bhagavad Gita are composed of the mainstays or pillars of Gita Mandir. This sacred temple is arranged at the edges of Mathura and making a course for Vrindavan and is situated just 5 km far from Mathura main city. Gita Mandir is a combination of Hindu culture, works of art, convention and wonderful design with the western classification. The Mandir is substantial and looks great in a red sandstone and it additionally remains as a proof of brilliant craftsmanship. Built with serene marble, Gita Temple has the entire Bhagavad Gita inscribed on its walls.

Vishram Ghat -

The Vishram ghat is lined with exquisite temples and some of Mathura's most essential temples are found here including the Mukut Temple, Murli Manohar, Radha-Damodar, Neelkantheshwar, Langali Hanuman Yamuna-Krishna, and Narasimha temple. The baithak of the colossal Vaishnava, Shri Chaitanya, is also located nearby. The aarti held at the Vishram Ghat each night does not deserve to be missed, for the little oil lights that are glided on the waterway set the tranquil water sparkle with a heap glinting lights. As per the historical writings, this vital site was attacked and disparaged in the parallel measure over the ages, It was seriously harmed amid the early intrusions yet two Vaishnavite holy people, Keshav Kashmiri and Vallabhacharya reestablished its sacredness during the time of Sikander Lodhi. It got luxurious patronage amid the tolerant run of Akbar when the sanctuaries were repaired and decorated however again time and occasions inflicted significant damage. One of the most important Ghats of the 25 Ghats lying on the banks of river Yamuna. The traditional parikrama starts and ends at this Ghat. According to the legends, Lord Krishna rested here after killing the tyrannical King Kansa.

Sati Burj –

Beside the ghat is the 17m Sati Burj, a four-storey tower built by the son of Behari Mal of Jaipur in 1570 to commemorate his mother’s sati (self-immolation on her husband’s funeral pyre).

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