Priest-Pooja-Assistance in Mathura for Prayers and Traditional Rituals


Mathura is located in the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. In Hinduism, Mathura is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Mathura is considered to be a holy city by Hindus. The city contributes towards a great culture, rich heritage, auspicious festival celebration and beautiful handy arts and crafts.
Planning for the Mathura Vrindavan Darshan means experiencing its culture and traditions for blessings of Lord Krishna. People usually travel Mathura Vrindavan for the Pujas/ Prayers to the God/ Havans/ Mantras Jaap or Yagya. Mathura Vrindavan comprises of lots of spiritual people including Guru, old saints, Dharmacharyas, religious speakers and preachers and even astrologers.
Puja brings eternal peace and calms to mind and body. Getting the right and authentic Puja service is very important. There are many temples providing the facility for the traditional pujas. Some of the famous temples for Puja and prayers include Iskon Temple Mathura, Dwarkadhish Temple, Mathura Shri Krishna Temple, Barsana Temple, Mathura Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple, etc.

Govardhan Temple in Mathura -

This temple is the key pilgrimage center in India. Each year Hindu devotees and other people make a pilgrimage to Govardhan to offer their obeisance to Radha and Lord Krishna.
Some of the most common Pujas performed in Mathura Vrindavan are Ganesh Puja, Brahma Puja, Hanuman Puja, Chandra Puja, Shiv Puja, Shukra Puja, Navgraha Puja, etc. While the havans and Mantra Jaaps includes Maha Ganpati Puja, Ayusha Havan, Dhannuantara Puja, Navgrah Puja, Saraswati Puja, etc. All these pujas, havan, prayers and Yagya have their unique purposes and existence.

Govardhan Puja in Mathura: –

It is celebrated right after Diwali. Devotees prepare 56 or 108 dishes to offer to Lord Krishna. This offering is known as Bhog. The idol of Krishna is beautifully decked with fine clothes and precious jewels.

Radha Ashtami in Mathura –

Radha Ashtami in Mathura is celebrated as the birthday of Goddess Radha. It usually falls on Ashtami. Radha is worshipped during the noontime or Madhyahna Kala as per the Hindu division. It falls in the month of August or September.

Mathura is famous for these spiritual souls:

Spiritual Gurus in Mathura -

One who teaches about the existence and purpose of life and eternal spirituality. Spiritual Gurus helps you to meditate/ yoga and teaches the correct method of praying to spiritually join hands for the blessings of the God.

Religious Gurus in Mathura –

These are the saints who are very knowledgeable. Gurus know everything in deep about the Vedas and religious books in Hinduism. They perform havans, yagyas and know the right mantras and prayers for proper rituals. They spend their life in praising the lord almighty. None of the festival, function or prayers are completed without their blessings.

Astrologers in Mathura –

Astrologers are experts of astrological science. Hinduism has great faith in astrology. Astrologers help in making of Kundli’s (horoscope) which includes future predictions and possibilities about the health, life match, dosh (fault) and matchmaking for the marriage purposes. These all are done on the basis of planetary positions according to Indian Sun/Moon calendar.

Other than this we provide all Puja/ Prayer assistance which includes:

Parikrama –

Parikrama is a Sanskrit word meaning, “the path surrounding something”. Doing a Parikrama while praying is important, this will all be assisted and guided in a proper manner by the local pandits or priests.

Making a Wish or Offering for the blessing of almighty –

Many of the people visit Mathura Vrindavan to make a wish for themselves and their families. Apart from this, as a part of rituals, people also serve food to poor orphans and donations to the priests specifically Brahmins, temples, and Gaushalas.

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