Mathura Vrindavan Two Day Tour

Mathura and Vrindavan are undoubtedly are amongst the most visited religious destinations in the country. With myriad small and big temples in every nook and corner, these twin cities are major crowd-pullers for its religious attractions which include history buffs, traveler and pilgrims. The holy birthplace of Lord Krishna is not only known for its temples and offering prayers but also for its mesmerizing architecture on the walls of the temples and mouth-watering vegetarian delicacies. You can easily submerge yourselves in the essence of the ancient twin cities have to offer you with a Mathura Vrindaban two Day trip.

You can start your day with some vegetarian breakfast from any renowned vegetarian restaurant in Mathura. Next you can pay a visit to Vishram Ghat to take a dip, no pilgrimage to the religious city of Mathura is complete without a holy bath in the Vishram ghat. Start your temple visit with the famous Dwarkadhish temple, one of the most venerated, popular and ancient temple in the narrow bustling lanes of Mathura that you just cannot miss visiting. The next stop is one of the oldest temples in Mathura, Yam-Yamuna temple, situated a few meters away from the Vishram Ghat. Another prominent attraction in Mathura is Kans Quila which you can visit on the first day. Finally, call it a day by witnessing the evening aarti at Kusum Sarovar.

Next morning, start your day with a holy dip at the Keshi Ghat, situated at the banks of river Yamuna. Next, visit Nandeswar temple located at Nandgaon near Mathura. Right after visiting the Mathura Government Museum, devotional items shopping at the twin temple cities is a must. Though only two days are not enough to explore the cities meticulously but a Mathura Vrindaban two day trip can surely feed your soul and give you a spiritual awakening.