Seva Kunj Vrindavan

Seva Kunj -

Vrindavan is endowed with the blessings of Lord Krishna and there are several places here. Which will astound you with the miraculous presence of Shri Radha Krishna till date. Brijdarshan feels esteemed in accompanying you in the soulful journey to one of the significant and mystifying place in Vrindavan, that is, Sewa Kunj. The temple is named so as Shree Krishna is believed to do sewa of his beloved Radha in this sacred place. The same has been reflected with the marble walls that are imprinted with the verses from Radhasudhanidhi. This sacred place is said to be blessed with the divine presence of Leeladhar Krishna, Radha Rani and Gopis every night. The nij mandir is adorned with all the necessary things which the divine couple may require at night. Sewa Kunj is also known as Nikunjvana and is a place close to Lord Krishna’s heart.

The temple will astound you with the beautiful paintings which embellish the walls of the temple. Different leelas of the Deity as depicted by the paintings on the wall mesmerize the worshippers of Shree Radha Krishna and augment their love for the deity with leaps and bounds. Each work of art portrays a new facet of Lord Krishna and his divine consort. In one of the paintings, Lord Krishna is combing and ornamenting the hair of Radha Rani while the Goddess is busy gazing her beloved through the mirror. There is also a painting in which Kanha Ji is massaging Radha Ji’s feet after she got tired doing Raasleela. Apart from these, there are other awe-inspiring paintings of Shri Radha Krishna like the deity playing holi or the Murli Manohar playing the flute, all enlightening about the divine love of Radha Ji and Kanha Ji.

The Divine Saga -

This holy temple was discovered by Swami Hit Harivansh in the year 1590. Till date, the holy shrine is administered by the followers of his sampradaya who worship the deity with daily poojas. The beautiful evergreen bushes in Seva Kunj uniquely grow bending towards the ground as if they are bowing in respect of Lord Krishna. These bushes are deemed to be the sakhis of the almighty. Shri Radha Krishna are said to come to this holy place every night to do the Raas-Leela and these bushes take the form of gopis to take part in the Raas Leela. Also, before the Raas-Leela Lord Krishna decorates Radha Rani for the Raas. This is evident from the scattered ornaments and saree which are kept by the priests after evening aarti. Therefore like Nidhi Van, temple gates are closed after the sunset aarti and no one is allowed to enter after that. The divinity of Seva Kunj is that even monkeys leave the place after sunsets and come back in morning.

Just a few meters away is consecrated Lalita Kund which is supposedly built by the spellbinding music generated from the flute of Lord Krishna to satiate the thirst of Lalita Devi who was the friend of Radha Ji. Near Seva Kunj, there also exists an old tamarind tree which is considered to be alive from Krishna’s time. It is said when Shree Krishna sat under this tree his body turned golden.

Temple Timings:

Mortals cannot bear the divine presence of Lord Krishna doing Raas Leela with Gopis so Brijdarshan suggests the devotees to follow the timeline mentioned below:

Gates are open
Summers 5:00 am 8:00 pm
Winters 6: 00 am 7:00 pm

For visiting and reaching the Seva Kunj Temple contact Brijdarshan.

Reaching the blessed land

Easy transport facility is available to Vrindavan from Mathura. In Vrindavan you can reach Seva Kunj by taking up the local transport. Let Brijdarshan organize your tour to Seva Kunj and other sacred temples and leelasthalis of Brajbhoomi.

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